Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering


Being mother of all engineering branches, Civil engineering has a significant role in all round development of the nation. In the Present age of fast technological growth, Civil Engineers have to play a key role in providing appropriate infrastructure. National slogans as “shelter for everyone”, Roads to every village”, Water to every field”, Pollution free atmosphere” and “Jobs to every hand” can only be fulfilled by skilled civil Engineers by developing cost-effective, eco-friendly, energy intensive and innovative technology along with indigenous construction materials using agro and industrial wastes

Our civil Engineering department is committed to imparting the best of technological skills to young energetic students with a view to achieving national goals. The department is well equipped with sophisticated equipment to impart the best of the practical knowledge under the guidance and supervision of highly qualified and dedicated faculty.

Department's Head

Prof. Swagatik Prusty

Dept. of Civil Engg. (SMIT DEC)


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