Basic Science and Humanities

Basic Science and Humanities


All the branches in the B. Tech. Degree course have common course to get acquainted with the basic knowledge subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Communicative English. To meet the multiple needs of national and global technology, the department of Basic Science and Humanities has been operational. Basic science is taught with lab practical in rooms well equipped with sophisticated instruments to bolster up strength on which various technical theories and applications are set up.


Communicative English is highly stressed because communication skill is the power of any technocrat to capture a lucrative position in the global market.  basic2Use of Audio visual aids, conduct of assignments, practice lessons, group discussions and coaching on GRE.TOEFL models are held in the Spoken English Laboratory. This laboratory is embedded with plethora of imported software including language correction tools, phonetic recognition tools, personality development skills sets, career launching tips and language modification tools such as Random House talking dictionary, vocabulary wizard, text-to-speech engines etc. Mock interviews are conducted in mirror-fitted cabin to enhance inter-personal skills and body language. Ours is the only standardized Spoken English laboratory in the State..

Department's Head

Prof. (Dr.) N. P. Sahu

HOD, Dept. of Basic Sc. (SMIT DEC)


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